DUO+ 9

Still no bars?

There are two possibilities.

1) The Network Unit is not able to find a signal for your phone.

  • Go to the location of your Network Unit with the handset in question. If you phone is not able to make a call in this location then the Cel-Fi is not able to find a frequency that your phone is compatible with. Do this, walk around your home/office with your handset to find a location indoors where your phone is able to make and receive calls. Once you have found this location place your Network Unit there.

2) We are relaying a signal that your phone is not compatible with.

  • The second possibility is your phone has bars at the Network Unit and you have a solid non-flashing number on your Coverage Unit, but no boost in bars at the Coverage Unit. Not all phones are compatible with the frequencies boosted by the Cel-Fi DUO+. Each scenario is different.


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