Updating O2 Germany and E-Plus Germany Cel-Fi RS210 systems


As part of the integration of the O2 Network with the E-Plus Network, Cel-Fi RS210 devices supplied to customers of both networks must be updated to a new configuration. This affects devices with the Nextivity Part Numbers: 700N033-024-001 and 700N033-008-001 (if you have the original box, this number will be on the label on the top). Other Nextivity Part Numbers may also be affected. If you have a device with a different Part Number that is affected, please contact us via the website: quoting the 12-digit serial number of your device (it will begin ‘120’).

If you try and use this procedure with a device with a different Nextivity P/N, then you will be presented with no update options when you run Redhawk (see below).


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