Will Cel-Fi work with my carrier?

Cel-Fi Smart Signal Boosters are designed and authorized for use on the AT&T or T-Mobile 3G, 4G and 4G network. While Cel-Fi is designed and internally tested only for use on these two networks, some third party operators will rent space from AT&T or T-Mobile, making the Cel-Fi Signal Booster compatible with their networks as well. The most important thing to look for is the PLMN-ID, is it the same or approved by the parent network? There are three main categories of smaller operators; those that own their own towers, those that run solely off of a specific network, and those that rent a different network depending on the location. Not all of these categories will work with the Cel-Fi Signal Boosters.

The PLMN-ID is much like a Tax ID or a Social Security Number. The PLMN-ID is the identification number that is specific to the operator’s network. Each Cel-Fi system is designed to search for a specific set of PLMN-ID numbers that was supplied to Cel-Fi by the operator. The Cel-FI Signal Boosters are so smart that they will not be compatible with a network’s PLMN-ID that is does not already have approval for.

Some small operators are physically owned by AT&T or T-Mobile, there for they will have a programmed PLMN-ID. These networks should work with the AT&T Cel-Fi unit. These types of carriers will have matching PLMN-ID’s to their parent network, and often the mobile device will display the parent companies name.

Another category of small operators are ones that own their own towers. Such a Virgin Mobile. This type of carrier usually owns their network towers and will likely NOT be compatible with the AT&T or T-Mobile Cel-Fi Signal Boosters. They will almost always have a different and unapproved PLMN-ID.

The last major category of small operators is those that rent the most efficient tower, city by city they are different. For example, an operators like Straight Talk will rent AT&T in one city but Verizon in a next. These two types of network technologies are radically different.

Below you can find a complied list of carrier expected to be compatible with either the AT&T or T-Mobile Cel-Fi Signal Boosters. Please note that we have not physically tested these carrier with the Cel-Fi, however research suggest that they will work. Please reach out to your mobile network operator to confirm their compatibility before purchasing a Cel-Fi device. We also offer a 30 Day Return Policy ( for all boosters purchased at


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