Troubleshooting the SeaHawk Download

Some computers or firewalls will have issues with the previous links for the SeaHawk download. Please determine your computers software from the list of options below to download the drivers, to launch the program on your computer.


Mac OSX Support

The SeaHawk app can cause issues with automatically running from the original download with some Mac security settings. SeaHawk is currently awaiting the Apple security approval. 

To change the setting go to your main OSX toolbar and open the "System Preferences", then click "Security & Privacy", change the settings to allow applications "downloaded from anywhere" to run.

After downloading and running your SeaHawk program you should reset your Security Settings. 

Re-Download Mac OSX


Mac Yosemite

Currently the SeaHawk application is not compatible with the latest OSX release, Yosemite. We will release a new update ASAP. Please check back shortly.  



Windows Support

Some anti-virus software will automatically reject SeaHawk and require you to manually "allow" or "recover" the SeaHawk download to your Windows computer. To do so you would want to launch your Anti-Virus program from the start menu. Look for the SeaHawk or Nextivity download and allow the install.

Click here for Windows Driver Support.  










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