SeaHawk For Cel-Fi DUO - Step by Step

***This software update will only work for the Cel-Fi DUO***


Step 1: Download SeaHawk Software

Step 2: Making the Connection

  • Plug both Units of your Cel-Fi DUO into a power outlet, (Network/Window Unit and Coverage Unit).
  • Plug your Coverage Unit to the Computer with the Micro-USB to USB Cable.

Step 3:

  • Start the connection to SeaHawk by selecting your    option. Once the connection to SeaHawk has been established, it will automatically download the latest updates.

Step 4:

  • Process the update to your Cel-Fi Units by selecting the   option.

Once “Update” has been selected the program will send the update to your Coverage Unit, and then send the update to the Network/Window Unit. Make sure you restart both units once the update has successfully completed. 



FAQ's about the SeaHawk Upgrade process Click Here


Troubleshooting Guide Click Here

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