SeaHawk Software FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q? What if my system is already updated to the latest software version released by Nextivity Inc, will I still be able to download the update?

A: Seahawk will only push the most currently approved software version.

Q? The SeaHawk application for my Mac OSX is bouncing on my dock. How do I get the application to run? 

A: SeaHawk as a program is currently awaiting Apple approval. To run the SeaHawk program you will need to change your security settings to allow the program to function. Click here for more details on how to do this. 

Q?Can I update configuration data such as PLMN-IDs with SeaHawk or does it only do software?

A: You can update both configurations and software with SeaHawk. 

Q? Can a Wind Canada customer use Seahawk to change the configuration of a T-Mobile device?

A: No, Seahawk checks a database of the original purchaser and will only send T-Mobile configurations and software to T-Mobile devices.

Q? What if my system is already on the most current software version.

A: Seahawk will always overwrite the current version, this is faster and easier than waiting for a verification if an update is required, comparison of data etc.

Q? What happens if the I accidentally interrupt the update i process, by disconnecting the USB cable or unplugging the Cel-Fi Unit(s)?

A: If the update is interrupted the Cel-Fi system will revert to the previous software update, and you will need to start the SeaHawk connection again. 

Q? I am having an issue with my Windows 7 or Windows XP computer. It will not allow me to download an run the SeaHawk application. How can I upgrade my Signal Booster? 

A: Some older Windows computers will not automatically update the drivers. To find more information about how to manually allow or push the driver click here.


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