SeaHawk Software PRO Step by Step

***This software update will only work for the Cel-Fi PRO***


Step 1: Download SeaHawk Software

Step 2: Making the Connection

  • Plug both Units of your Cel-Fi PRO into a power outlet, (Network Unit and Coverage Unit).
  • Plug your Coverage Unit to the Computer with the Standard USB to Standard USB Data Cable.

Step 3:

  • Start the connection to SeaHawk by selecting your    option. Once the connection to SeaHawk has been established, it will automatically download the correct updates.

Step 4:

  • Process the update to your Units by selecting   your option.

Once “Update” has been selected the program will send the update to your CU, reset and then send the update to the WU.


FAQ's about the SeaHawk Upgrade process Click Here


Troubleshooting Guide Click Here

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