RS2-Dual 10

Try swapping power supplies.

Try this… Both the Window Unit and Coverage Unit have identical power supplies. Try switching the power supplies to see if one of the following issues could be occurring:

  • If you switch the power supplies and the problem moves from one unit to the other unit then you are experiencing a power supply issue. Please reach out to your point of sale for a replacement power supply.
  • If, after switching power supplies, you still have no power on your Unit try another outlet, or lamp/appliance in the same outlet. If you continue to have problems with the Unit please reach out to your point of sale for a system replacement.
  • If, after switching power supplies both system are functioning properly then your Cel-Fi RS2 system simply needed a restart. This is not something that should continue, but if it occurs frequently please reach out to your point of sale for support.

The same unit still has no power

Now the other unit will not turn on

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