Troubleshoot the Cel-Fi Coverage Unit

No Power – My Coverage Unit won’t turn on!

When your system does not power up, or has a red power indicator, one of the following things could be happening. You might have a power adaptor failure, a hardware failure, or the system may need a simple restart.

Try this… Both the Coverage Unit and Network Unit have identical power supplies. Try switching the power supplies to see if one of the following issues could be occurring:

If you switch the power supplies and the problem moves from one unit to the other unit then you are experiencing a power supply issue. Please reach out to your point of sale for a replacement power supply.

If, after switching power supplies, you still have no power on your Coverage Unit try another outlet, or another lamp/appliance in the same outlet (changed). If you continue to have problems with the unit please reach out to your point of sale for a system replacement.

If, after switching power supplies both system are functioning properlythen your Cel-Fi PRO system simply needed a restart. This is not something that should continue, but if it occurs frequently please reach out to your point of sale for support.


No Bars – My Coverage Unit is not finding the Network Unit!

When you Coverage Unit does not have bars but your Network Unit icon does, the system is still performing startup procedures.

If it takes longer than 45 minutes, please restart both units and make sure they are within sight of each other.

Try placing the units roughly 30 feet from each other as a test to confirm that the units will pair, if not make sure you have matching serial numbers.

Intermittent “Too Far” message? Frequent or intermittent issues can be related to heavy WiFi saturation in your home/office. Make sure that each unit is as far as possible from any access points or other WiFi enabled devices


Low amount of bars on your Coverage Unit – I can’t get more than 1/2 bars over the CU icon!

When you have a 1, or 2 bars on the Coverage Unit, your Cel-Fi PRO system has established a connection but might not be (changed) working to the fullest ability. Try this… move your units further apart. If you have a particular spot in your home that you want coverage more than others try installing your Cel-Fi system in reverse. Put your Coverage Unit where you need coverage the most then place your Network Unit at the furthest location where you can get at least 1 bar of service.

If you cannot get your systems further apart, and you have the coverage you need, a higher number is not always possible or necessary. 


Small Coverage Bubble - I only have signal within a few feet of the Coverage Unit!

Changes to your Cel-Fi placement can be made to improve your 3G/4G/LTE coverage.

The more bars shown on the Network Unit the better. Try moving the Network Unit to an area that has better 3G/4G/LTE coverage. If the home/office has more than 1 floor. Upstairs is usually better than downstairs. Putting the Network Unit near a window or higher on a self often helps as well.

The bar display of the Coverage Unit is an indication of the area covered. More bars on the Coverage Unit means a larger area is covered. To increase the coverage area move the Coverage Unit farther away from the Network Unit. The less obstacles in their direct line of sight the further apart you can get them. The more bars on your Coverage Unit, the better the coverage area will be.


No LTE - My phone still doesn't have LTE!

There are a few reasons why your phone would experience an issue with the LTE service.

You may not have LTE in your area, your Cel-Fi system may have lost the LTE signal due to intermittent network outages, or your phone may not support LTE.

Check to see that your phone shows an LTE signal in the location of your Network Unit.


Coverage Unit Red Error Message

Click here for a full list of error message. 


Updated 9/24/15


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