RS1 Is Your Coverage Unit Showing an Error Two Message?

An error message is shown on the Coverage Unit seven-segment display by alternating between the letter E (error) and a number between 1 and 5.

Is Your Coverage Unit Showing an Error Two Message?

If Yes:

When the Coverage Unit shows Error Message Two (alternating E and 2) it means that the Window Unit is experiencing interference but may still be able to function.

Do This:

Step 1: Check to see if you can make a call. Cel-Fi remains functional under certain interference conditions.

Step 2: If you cannot make a call or use a data service, move the Window Unit to a different location where you have are able to make a 3G call.

If No:

Try and make a call, if it works you are all set.

If not, please note that the Cel-Fi System only works for 3G networks. If your phone is locked on to a GSM network then Cel-Fi will not be able to help with your coverage or data rates. Check your phone to see if the 3G indicator is lit.

Is your phone showing a 3G indicator? If not, while standing near the Coverage Unit, try this:

Step 1: Turn your phone off and then turn it back on again. When the phone completes the wakeup cycle it should see the 3G signal from the Cel-Fi system.

Step 2: Check the programming on your phone and make sure that the phone has not been set to "GSM Only" or "GSM Preferred"

Step 3: Try making a call again.


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