Troubleshoot the Cel-Fi Network Unit

No Power – My Network Unit won’t turn on!

When your system does not power up, one of the following things could be happening. You could have a power adaptor failure, a hardware failure, or the system could need a simple restart.

Try this… Both the Network Unit and Coverage Unit have identical power supplies. Try switching the power supplies to see if one of the following issues could be occurring:

If you switch the power supplies and the problem moves from one unit to the other unit then you are experiencing a power supply issue. Please reach out to your point of sale for a replacement power supply.

If, after switching power supplies, you still have no power on your Network Unit try another outlet, or lamp/appliance in the same outlet. If you continue to have problems with the Network Unit please reach out to your point of sale for a system replacement.

If, after switching power supplies both system are functioning properly then your Cel-Fi PRO system simply needed a restart. This is not something that should continue, but if it occurs frequently please reach out to your point of sale for support.

If you have power on your Network Unit with a white or otherwise abnormal colored display, please contact your point of sale for specific warranty support.


No Bars – My Network Unit is not finding the cellular signal!

If you have no bars, your Network Unit is still trying to find the incoming cellular network signal. Your Network Unit may display the “Searching for the Network…” message. This can sometimes take more than a few minutes.

Taking longer than 60 minutes? Try this…

Walk around your home/office with your cellular device. Try to find a signal inside your home/office with at least one consistent bar of 3G/4G/LTE. More bars is always better! Once you have found a signal place your Network Unit in that location.

If you have bars of service on your phone in the location of your Network Unit, and after 60 minutes you are still unable to receive bars of service on your Network Unit try a simple restart. To restart your Network Unit simply unplug for a moment and then plug back in. If the restart does not solve the issue please reach out to your point of sale for support.


Network Unit (NU) continues to search for the Coverage Unit (CU)

Your Cel-Fi PRO has found the network and is displaying bars over the (NU) Network Unit icon, but continues to try and find a connection to the Coverage Unit (CU).

If this screen is displayed for more than 30 minutes, after your Network Unit shows bars, you could have one of the following issues with your Cel-Fi PRO system.

Try this… Insure that your Coverage Unit (CU) is plugged in and has power. If your Coverage Unit does not have power click here for a link to the PRO Coverage Unit (CU) troubleshooting section.

Make sure that your Units are not too far apart. Try placing the systems 10-15 feet apart to insure they can connect. The more interference (i.e. walls, doors, refrigerators, filing cabinets) between the two units the closer they will need to be. Once you have established a connection you can optimize the displayed number by moving either unit.

Intermittent too far issues. While five CU bars is the largest distance between your Coverage Unit and your Network Unit you can have the systems slightly too far apart. This may cause you to experience intermittent interference which can cause the connection to break. Frequent or intermittent issues can be related to heavy WiFi saturation in your home/office, or obstacles that move between the two units line of sight. Make sure that each unit is as far as possible from any access points or other WiFi enabled devices. An example of a wireless device could be, but is not limited to, a wireless home phone, laptop computer, or wireless router.


Network Unit Red Error Message

Click Here to link to a full list of Error Messages for the Cel-Fi PRO




Updated 9/24/2015

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