Troubleshoot the Cel-Fi Window Unit

Support-Window Unit

Power Light is Off

What This Means:

The power light on the Window Unit not being lit could mean several things, including the unit not being plugged in correctly, a defective Window Unit, a bad power supply or a bad wall outlet.

Do This:

Step 1: Check to see if the power supply is plugged into the Window Unit and wall outlet correctly.

Step 2: Check to see if there is power to the outlet.

Step 3: Try exchanging the power supplies with the “Coverage Unit” to see if the power supply is defective.

If all of this fails it would appear that the Window Unit is faulty. Make arrangements to replace/exchange the Cel-Fi System

No Bars on Coverage Display

What This Means:

If there are no bars showing on the Window Unit it could mean that either there is a problem with Window Unit or that there is simply no 3G signal in the area where the window unit has been placed.

Do This:

Try moving the “Window Unit” to another room or area where you have more coverage. (Use your cell phone to find the best 3G coverage).

Status Light Flashing Green for over 1 minute

What This Means:

The Window Unit is taking longer than normal to link with the Coverage Unit.

Try This:

Wait longer. System is verifying regulatory compliance. This could take up to 30 minutes.

Move either Unit farther away from other wireless devices such as Wi-Fi routers or cordless phones.

Status Light Flashing Red

What This Means:

The Unit has switched to a low power mode because the environment is too warm.

Try This:

Do not cover the Unit or block the vents.

Move the Unit to a cooler location.

The Unit will start operating again when it cools.

Status Light is Solid Red

What This Means:

There is a problem with the Window Unit that may be resolved by power cycling the unit.

To Power Cycle the Unit Do This:

Step 1: Unplug the power connector and wait at least 10 Seconds.

Step 2: Plug the unit back in.

Status Light Orange

What This Means:

An external antenna has been detected and chosen (for Units with the External Antenna Option)

This is not a problem.  For a system with the external antenna option, Cel-Fi may still choose an internal antenna if it's performance is better. However, a lack of orange in this case may imply a faulty external antenna or feed.

Middle Three Bars of Signal display are flashing

What This Means:

The system is not yet configured.

Try This: 

Cel-Fi normally comes pre-configured.  Ask your Cel-Fi distributor for Configuration Support.

The Bars on the Signal display are cycling

What This Means:

Software Update in progress.

Try This:

Wait. The unit will reset and begin operating after the update is complete.


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