Commercial Site Survey

The following information is useful when estimating the number of Cel-Fi systems needed to cover a commercial building.

  1. What type of build, size, construction materials of interior walls etc…
  2. Square footage of the area needing coverage
  3. Hand drawing or layout or a schematic floor plan (showing offices, cubicles, and open area spaces).  See example below.
  4. How many floors
  5. Current signal levels by area (how many “bars” of signal shown on the phone display, and the indicated Service mode icon next to the bars [3G/4G/LTE...])
  6. Describe any current solution that may be in place (DAS, Microcell, Booster, etc.)
  7. Note on the floorplan current call issues, such as “No Service” zones, or areas where there is good signal but calls are not reliable.

Cel-Fi installs in just a few minutes and can easily be tried at many different locations.  Therefore once the initial Cel-Fi placement locations have been selected, a single Cel-Fi system may be moved from one location to the next and the "Install Plan" adjusted based on local results. Then all needed systems may be installed and the cumulative results verified

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