My Cel-Fi seems to be working but my phone does not show more bars.

Are you using an iPhone? Please visit here to get more information about how the iPhone calculates and shows bars.

If your Coverage Unit is showing a coverage number, then most likely your boosted signals are there.  Make sure that the units are far enough apart and that you are getting the highest coverage indication on the Coverage Unit.  You may need to wait a few minutes for the boosted channels to be picked up, or you can power cycle the handset.  Otherwise check that Data and 3G/4G are enabled, and that Wi-Fi calling (if you have it) is disabled.  Also turn off any other coverage devices if they were also installed. Also note that some unlocked phones may not actually support all the channels, frequency bands, or technologies that another operator uses.

Please read on if you have an LTE signal present and an RS1 or RS2 Cel-Fi (that don't support LTE):

Having fewer LTE bars should be fine and the network is designed to route traffic to the appropriate service.  LTE does not support voice calls, but if present your handset may "camp" on LTE when idle (and show fewer bars).  Then for any calls, the network directs all handsets to use 3G/4G that support voice call services (your bars will then show boosted signals).  For data sessions, the network will direct your handset to use either LTE or the boosted 3G/4G services, whichever is best at the time due to traffic loading on the network.  If for any reason you feel the network is not routing calls to 3G/4G properly (with or without Cel-Fi), you can always disable LTE within settings.   In some cases a hard reset of the iPhone can resolve many issues.  With the phone ON, hold down the Home and Power buttons until the phone turns OFF and keep holding until you see the Apple icon on the screen.  Wait until the handset completes the reset cycle.

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